Who Do You Trust for your Real Estate Investment Future?

I’m not so sure it makes sense to trust our favorite talkers to tell us what’s coming next – there are just too many agendas that don’t match your own.  Should you keep this house?  Should you reduce the rents at all the units in your apartment building to try and control turnover?  Should you relax your qualification standards and gamble a little bit on new tenants in the hopes of squeezing out more money?  Many of these questions deserve the input of professionals who are working with these questions and others daily.

It’s important to keep your business and your politics separate.  Don’t just read people who tell you what you want to hear, or just those sources that match your political views.  Read everything you can get your hands on across the entire political spectrum – even if some of what you’re reading makes you SICK!

Here are some of resources to get you started:

Reno and Sparks Economy “At a Glance”

Congressional Budget Office

National Association of Home Builders (Blog)

Tax Implications of Foreclosure

Ted Jones, PhD (Blog)

Paul Krugman (Blog)


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